Schools and Libraries

We have a range of live and virtual packages to suit your needs.

Our Live Packages


We provide a full or half day* of drama workshops based on a book of your choice that your class(es) has been studying.

We work with the children on character development and analysis and focus on bringing different aspects of the book to life using various drama techniques and games. These workshops allow every child the opportunity to develop their own individual ideas. 

We use props, puppets, materials and costume within our workshops to help bring the story to life.


Each workshop runs at 45 minutes to 1 hour, depending on your timetable. 

*Half day is 3 hours in the morning or afternoon.

This package is for a maximum of up to 40 children. Please get in touch for further information and prices.

"Thank you soooooooo much for coming in today! Such fun, you guys are amazing." - Winsy Bamford-Flores, Kingsland and Chelsea Pre-Prep, March 2020

"We loved the workshops that Cat & Hutch prepared for us. They really helped bring the story and characters to life. The children were engaged the entire time and found it really useful to hone their acting skills. We will definitely be signing up for more workshops with different books! Thank you!"- Mrs Sutherland, Hayes Primary School, October 2021

Cat & Hutch drama workshop based on Poppy and the Blooms at Hammersmith Library
Drama Workshop at Kingsland Pre-Prep

Our Online Adventures


Key Stage One

Our current adventures for Key Stage 1 are:


  • Superhero Training! (And a Mission to Rescue some Veggies in Distress!) - inspired by the "Supertato" series by Sue Hendra & Paul Linnet

  • The Greatest Dragon Story Ever Told! - inspired by "Once Upon A Dragon's Fire" by Beatrice Blue

  • The Velveteen Rabbit - A storytelling adaptation of the classic tale by Margery Williams

  • A Trek through the Magical, Musical Jungle! - inspired by "The World Book Day Monster" by Charlotte & Adam Guillain and illustrated by Ada Grey

  • Cat & Hutch's Mathemagical Adventure - inspired by "Maths Adventures!" by William Potter

Each adventure will dive into the world of the story, engaging the children in a creative way that will promote a love of reading and inspire their imaginations. By using drama games, rhyme and song, and solving riddles, each adventure focuses on developing children's reading, movement, speaking and listening skills.

"It was so cleverly and thoughtfully put together, from the effects, to the videos, to the clues. It was engaging and creative and active and simply so much fun!" - St Thomas Academy

"Thank you so much for organising this. The children in my class both at home and at school really enjoyed this. Yes I would use this resource again. The children absolutely loved it and it was so interactive. Brilliant."- Wanstead Church School

To find out more and for prices get in touch.