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Our Story!

How Cat & Hutch was created...

We first met in 2011 at the Homegrown sessions at Battersea Arts Centre and, after Katrina finally learnt that Rebecca's name is Rebecca and not Rachel, we became firm friends.


However, it was performing with The Roundhouse at Bestival in 2012 that really solidified our friendship. (Playing a hillbilly Mother/daughter duo will really do that to you).

After a year of doing comedy we became producers for a theatre company and delivered a treasure hunt for children alongside the theatre show. It was after this event that we realised our mutual adoration for working with children and decided to set up our own company.

Having both worked in the education sector we had encountered children who couldn't find the fun in reading. We wanted to change this and so decided to specialise in adapting children's literature into fun, interactive performances and workshops with the aim to encourage children to read the literature we deliver. 


 After deliberating over what we should call ourselves, we realised our own nicknames could be used to create characters that children could really engage with. And so the characters of Cat and Hutch were born and we launched the company in 2014. 

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