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Cat & Hutch

"Open a book to open a world..."

A storytelling company dedicated to bringing children's stories to life.

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Young Elmer Elevator has always dreamed of flying so that he can go wherever he likes, whenever he likes. He decides that when he's older he'll become a pilot so that he can fly his very own aeroplane and spends his days whizzing around, arms spread out like wings!


One day Elmer stumbles across a talking Alley Cat and takes her in from the cold for a saucer of milk. Cat tells Elmer about a place called Wild Island where a baby dragon is being held captive by some very mean and very wild animals. They decide to embark on an epic adventure to rescue the dragon and in the hope  that Elmer might be able to fly while he's still a child... Not in an aeroplane, though, but on a real life dragon!


Join Elmer and Cat on their journey to Wild Island and encounter many Wild Animals along the way, including a messy-maned lion, an itchy gorilla and a sweet-toothed crocodile!


In this interactive production aimed at children aged 3-6, we use puppetry and original songs to bring Ruth Stiles Gannett's exciting adventure story to life.


We debuted this show in December 2015 at Off The Cuff in Herne Hill as "Cat & Hutch's Christmas Adventure", adding some festive twists to this tantalising tale, and it was enjoyed by all the children (and adults!) who came.


Check out our Gallery for some images from this show.


We also toured a storytelling version of the production around schools for World Book Week in March 2016 and will be bringing it to life again at Hammersmith Library on 11th June as part of the Hammersmith & Fulham ArtsFest. Click here for more details.

“Wouldn't it be just wonderful to fly and go wherever you might think of!” - Ruth Stiles Gannett