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Cat & Hutch

"Open a book to open a world..."

A storytelling company dedicated to bringing children's stories to life.

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Katrina and Rebecca met in 2011 at Battersea Arts Centre's workshops for 18-25 year olds and hit it off almost straight away (once Katrina learned that Rebecca was not called Rachel!).


However, it was during rehearsals for Bestival with Roundhouse in 2012 that they really bonded - playing a Southern American hillbilly Mother/Daughter combo will do that to you - and they have been firm friends ever since.

Cat & Hutch Ltd. is a registered company. Company No. 09780865

In 2013 Katrina and Rebecca were hired as producers for a production of Richard Brinsley Sheridan’s, ‘The Rivals’, and it was here that they discovered their true passion...


To support the show, they co-devised a treasure hunt aimed at children incorporating 18th Century games. In character as servants of the Mistress of Bealings House, they brought the children on a treasure trail to find their Mistress' missing jewels.  It is through this that they discovered their mutual adoration for working with and for children.


Spending more and more time together, they also discovered how much both of them loved reading books. They decided to put these two passions together and share their love of books with the world, through Cat & Hutch.